Backpack Blends

At myndtime, we are all about empowering young minds; as an addition to our mindful lessons and mini mantra audios, we have created our Backpack Blends. 

Our Backpack Blends are an alternative way for children to offer themselves emotional support. Made with Fractionated Coconut Oil and CPTG Essential Oils and an affirmative statement on each blend, it empowers children to connect with themselves emotionally, explore what is going on for them, and choose what Essential Oil Blend they most need.  

Children can place the Backpack Blends in their school or sports bag, or next to their bed, making them easy to access and use when needed. 

All our blends have been handpicked by myndtime to promote different feelings such as comfort, trust, reassurance, empowerment, and joy. The powerful statements encourage the child to feel better about themselves while using something physical that they can see, smell and touch.

Purchase the entire set and only pay for four, receiving one for free. All shipping is capped at $3.00 Australia Wide.

Click the image below to get a detailed description of each Backpack Blend.