Mini Mantras

The Mini myndtime Mantras – Think Bright Collection is a tool children can use every day. It’s easy to follow, repetitive, relaxing and can make a profound difference in children's lives. 

Young minds are still developing so the more nutrients and positive statements we can introduce them to in these early stages of life, the better off they will be.

I was first introduced to affirmations when I was 16 through receiving a book/CD set "You can Heal Your Life" from renowned author and founder of Hay House, Louise L. Hay.  

Since my introduction to mantras and affirmations, they have been my go-to; another tool to pull out when needed. You can never have enough strategies to call on, and by knowing these better feeling mantras it helped me to reduce the amount of time I stayed in victim mode, threw myself a pity party or when I was feeling down, misunderstood, ignored or not good enough.

So what are mantras and affirmations? Is there a difference?
Mantras and affirmations are very similar in that they are designed to guide and support the person using them. A mantra is often referred to in Hinduism or Buddhism as a sacred word, sound or statement repeated to aid in concentration during meditation. An affirmation is an action or process of affirming something in the present tense and aids in emotional support or encouragement for the user.

While the Mini myndtime Mantras provide emotional support and encouragement by way of affirmation, I have adopted the term mantra because the statements used in the audios are repetitive and designed to keep children in the present moment. And plus, "Mini myndtime Mantras" has a much better ring to it!

To use these Mini myndtime Mantras encourage your child to repeat the statement either silently or out loud, in the silent space between each Mantra. 

The Mini myndtime Mantras - Think Bright Collection contains one mantra per day for 30 days and all are under 4 minutes duration. As an addition, I have also added the 30 mantras together on one continuous audio to use when a child is falling asleep, during a car ride, or in the background during the day.

I have written these mantras with children in mind, focusing on statements that will benefit them in their young lives, and the challenges they may be facing.

If a child starts their day with a positive mantra, it will no doubt continue to be in the forefront of their mind for the remainder of the day (similar to when a song gets stuck in your head).

I am so passionate about the importance and benefits of introducing these positive statements to children from an early age. I am aware that all children learn differently and for this reason, I wanted to create an alternative option to the written word for children to receive these positive statements. 

Ideally, the best time to use the Mini myndtime Mantras is in the morning or at night as this is when the subconscious mind is more susceptible to new messages and habits. However, there is no wrong time to use them. If the middle of the day is what suits your family best, then that is great too.