Mini myndtime Mantras - Think Bright Collection

Mini myndtime Mantras - Think Bright Collection

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The Think Bright Collection includes 30 mantras

They are designed for your child to listen too, whilst getting ready for school, falling asleep, at home, in the car or wherever suits your family best.

With a duration of 1 hour and 14 minutes, it is a perfect accompaniment to have when a child is falling asleep.

Also included is "The Mini myndtime Mantras eBook" which includes a deeper explanation of each of the mantras and their underlying meaning, a printable version of each affirmation, make your own mantras worksheet, positive vibes poster and more.

The following mantras are accompanied with relaxing music on one continuous audio;

1. All of my friendships are healthy, kind and supportive. 
2. I spend my time doing things that uplift me. 
3. I love to learn and I am always getting better at everything I try. 
4. I am relaxed and calm in every situation. 
5. I allow myself to let go of control, and I accept what is. 
6. I love everything about me and I embrace what is unique to me. 
7. I understand and acknowledge all of my emotions. 
8. I radiate happiness wherever I go. 
9. I nourish my body with healthy foods and drinks. 
10. Everything that is good for me always comes my way. 
11. I easily recognise all types of social situations.
12. My relationships with my family members are loving, kind and supportive. 
13. I am safe and protected at all times. 
14. I embrace who I am and shine bright so everyone sees the real me. 
15. I give myself permission to follow my dreams, I believe in myself. 
16. I am aware of all my thoughts, and I only choose ones that make me feel good. 
17. I am a strong person, and I can do anything. 
18. I am always kind and considerate towards others. 
19. I find it easy to be in the present moment, I enjoy being right here, right now. 
20. I find it easy to talk about my feelings with those who understand me.
21. My opinion of myself is the only one that matters. 
22. I enjoy exercise and looking after my body.
23. It is easy for me to have a good night's sleep. 
24. It is safe to be me at all times. 
25. I always make the right decisions for myself. 
26. My intentions are always positive. 
27. I find it easy to stand up for myself in a loving way. 
28. I choose to be happy right now.
29. I enjoy my own company and I like being around me. 
30. I know my own boundaries and I respect them at all times.