Mindful Lessons

Sometimes life is hard to navigate, and when things get tough, it’s important to have a set of tools to draw on. At myndtime, our tools are designed to educate children about personal responsibility, managing their emotions and acceptance of ‘what is’.

The myndtime Toolbox is a collection of 11 downloadable mindful lessons for school-aged children, providing them with different tools and strategies to help them navigate life.

Each lesson in the toolbox is symbolic and refers to a different coloured star, teaching the child a specific tool that can empower them to take more responsibility for themselves, increase their self-esteem and self-worth and manage their emotions. 

The 11 individual mindful lessons include:

Change, Masks, I Am I Can, Rollercoaster, Energy, Present, Treasure Hunt, Power, Unique, Fire, and POT of Gold.  

Each lesson can be purchased individually, or you can download the entire album and Save. If you would like an overview of each mindful teaching, please click on the relevant image below.

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