Backpack Blends

Backpack Blends

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Backpack Blends

At myndtime, we are all about empowering young minds; as an addition to our mindful lessons and mini mantra audios, we have created our Backpack Blends. 

Our Backpack Blends are an alternative way for children to offer themselves emotional support. Made with Fractionated Coconut Oil and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, and an affirmative statement on each blend; it empowers children to connect with themselves emotionally, explore what is going on for them, and choose what Essential Oil Blend they most need.  

Children can place the Backpack Blends in their school or sports bag, or next to their bed, making them easy to access and use when needed. 

All our blends have been handpicked by myndtime to promote different feelings such as comfort, trust, reassurance, empowerment, and joy. The powerful statements encourage the child to feel better about themselves while using something physical that they can see, smell and touch.

I AM HAPPY – Uplifting Blend

I AM HAPPY Uplifting Blend supports emotional honesty and gratitude in our lives and promotes strength to overcome any emotional disturbances. Helps to release bottled up emotions so healing can take place. The uplifting scent supports a positive mood allowing feelings of playfulness and joy, reminding children to live from their true self and the abundant possibilities that surround them.

Lime – Supports emotional honesty and gratitude for everything our life has to offer, a sense of determination to face all of life's challenges confidently. *

Peppermint – brings joy to the heart, an uplifting scent to move through feelings of discouragement or despair. Promotes individual strength to overcome any emotional turbulence.

Wild Orange – supports a positive mood, allowing feelings of playfulness and joy. Inspiring individuals to live from their true self and reminding them of limitless possibilities. *

Ylang Ylang – is the oil of the inner child and works with connecting with the heart. Encouraging play and restores joy. Helps to release bottled up emotions while promoting healing to take place.

I AM CALM – Reassuring Blend

I AM CALM Reassuring Blend promotes relaxation and feelings of peace, calm, and centeredness. Supporting the user to connect with themselves, their feelings and thoughts deeply. The calming scent eases anxious and worried thoughts, helping them express their needs safely so they can feel loved, heard and understood.

Arborvitae – promotes relaxation and feelings of gracefulness and peace by trusting in the flow of life. A grounding oil to help the individual be present in the here and now.

Juniper Berry – provides feelings of protection and peacefulness, this is an oil you can also use at night time as it helps with irrational fears and recurrent nightmares; the user becomes more self-aware of their worries and hidden aspects of themselves.

Lavender – allowing you to be calm and emotionally expressive when communicating with others, eases anxious or worried thoughts by encouraging the individual to express their needs safely, so they feel heard, loved and understood.

Vetiver – helping the individual to become centered and grounded, easing stress and avoidance of life’s challenges. Allows the user to connect with themselves, their feelings and their thoughts deeply.

I AM BRAVE – Empowering Blend

I AM BRAVE Empowering Blend promotes feelings of empowerment, courageousness, and confidence. Feeling secure enough to make the right decisions, and what is in one's best interest. We are all responsible for our own lives, this blend assists the user to feel safe, capable and secure in our world, empowering them to step into their light and speak their truth.

Clove – allows individuals to feel capable, courageous and empowered. Working on putting clear boundaries in place, learning to say no and reducing any victim mentality.

Ginger – to stand in your power and know that you are capable and accountable for your own life. The individual learns to take responsibility for themselves and see that they are empowered to make the life of their dreams.

Myrrh – promotes feelings of love and nurturing and assists individuals in feeling safe and secure, replacing any feelings of mistrust with one of confidence in people, and the world.

Spearmint – a feeling of courageousness and confidence, encouraging the user to speak their truth and becoming emotionally clear on their values and opinions. You have a voice, use it.

I AM ENOUGH – Comforting Blend

I AM ENOUGH Comforting Blend promotes feelings of self-acceptance, confidence, and worthiness. It offers feelings of belonging in social situations and reminds the individual that they are whole and enough, just as they are. Encouraging the user to respect themselves and listen to their own physical needs, feeling confident about who they are. 

Bergamot – is a cleansing oil and works on negative belief systems, it promotes a feeling of self-acceptance, confidence, worthiness and to let go of self-judgment. *

Cedarwood – provides feelings of belonging in social situations and the community, promotes feelings of being supported and eases loneliness.

Copaiba – promotes feelings of forgiveness for self, and worthiness, reminding you that you are whole and complete regardless of your past circumstances. A purpose for existence and acceptance of yourself.

Grapefruit – appreciation of the physical body and respecting and listening to your own physical needs. Promoting feelings of love and acceptance for your entire physical body and knowing that you are enough. *

I GO WITH THE FLOW – Trusting Blend

I GO WITH THE FLOW Trusting Blend provides users the ability to let go of control, creating flexibility and adaptability. Softens anger and opens the heart, creating gentleness, while nurturing the inner child within all of us. Feel confident to release what is no longer working for you and move forward fearlessly, surrendering any worries or concerns and issuing the need to be right.

Cypress – creates motion and energetic flow, encouraging users to set their worries aside and let go of control, building flexibility and adaptability.

Geranium – the Love and trust oil which nurtures the inner child, providing properties for openness, gentleness, while healing grief and abandonment, it softens anger and opens the heart to trust.

Lemongrass – confidence in releasing what is no longer working for you and your highest good, move forward confidently without attachment; lemongrass is a cleansing oil helping to clear away any negativity.

Wintergreen – is used to assist in releasing the need to be right, letting go of fears and providing strength. Surrendering their concerns to a higher power and know that they do not have to do life alone.




  • All blends are made to order; please allow three business days before shipment.
  • Before use, please do a patch test to check for any skin sensitivity.
  • Each roller bottle is diluted at 3%, safe for children aged 4 and above
  • Oil References; Emotions and Essential Oils, A reference guide for Emotional healing, 2017 Sixth Edition.
  • * I Am Happy, and I Am Enough contain photosensitive oils, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours after use.